Interactive Fabric Instrument

Interactive Fabric Instrument – Prototype / Pure data, Arduino

This is a prototype for sound installation. Four pieces of fabric hang on a string, and each piece is about 1m 50cm long. When the fabrics sway, each piece generates a bell sound in different pitch. The original concept is hanging ribbons on a tree so that they can be played naturally by the wind. At the same time, when a person touches the ribbon, it generates sounds. Thus this installation can interact with the wind, a fan or a hand. A piezo (Piezoelectric sensor) is installed at the top of each fabric. As the fabric moves, the sensor gets analog values. Also there’s a contact mic which gets the values of noise when the wind blows. Since the real wind is not audible, puredata creates an artificial wind sound which reacts to the values. The bell sound, the wind sound, and the movement of fabrics are all merged and played in harmony together.

tree_s: The concept image


Balloon Note app

default main


It’s not a rectangular shape note that you can organize texts linearly, but a circular shape note borrows a motif from balloons. There’s no complex menu, a user can just drag the screen and create balloons in size he/she wants, then write a short text on it. The user can decide classification and importance by selecting size, color and weight (position of the balloon : light balloons go up, heavy ones go down). Also, the user can delete the note (pop the balloon) by double tapping or two finger touch.

-to do list, idea note, keyword memo.
-free and creative approach to organize memos

Sunshine of last summer

DSC02580 DSC02578

The concept is that I collected last summer’s sunshine and present it for those who are in a gloomy mood during the winter time because of lack of light. When you cover the jar with your hands, it will slowly glow and present you a bright atmosphere of last summer.

Winter is here. Daytime is too short.
I know that you are already missing the brilliant summer’s sunshine.
So here I brought one of my light collection for you.
‘Sunshine of last summer. Collected in July 2013’


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 오전 12.07.29

A beer can Vjing

can vjing_1can vjing_3can vjing_2

Arduino, Processing, LED x 1, Potentiometer x 2, Webcam / Song : Color of autumn (Nujabes)

The beer can  Vjing

A RGB led and silver paper are set in an empty beer can. The color of light and movement of a motor are controlled by potentiometers, and the inside of the can is showed on the screen in real time by a webcam. It’s basically visualization using light and its reflection as a source. I was curious of unexpected effects when magnifying changes that are happening in a small and invisible space.

The Broken Lamp

[vimeo 83722069 w=800 & h = 342]

This is a broken lamp. No matter how much you switch on to turn on the lamp, it’ll be turned off eventually. Sometimes it blinks few times and be turned off, sometimes it slowly fades out. It also makes a beeping noise once in a while. Obviously you can not turn on the lamp in the usual way. There is only one way to turn on the lamp, which is pulling the plug out.

The idea came out of questions like, “Does technology make us always comfortable and pleasant?”, “Does technology make us smart or stupid?”. Since this lamp is messed up by some kind of technology, it’s uncontrollable and unpleasant, and even it may make a person as a stupid who doesn’t know how to turn on a lamp.  However, if you know a rule to deal with the technology, it works easily and comfortably. I think how this lamp works could show both sides of technology and ask the above mentioned questions.